Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Niagara Falls here WE come

Spring Break! Here we go on another Johnson Family road trip adventure only this time it will be much shorter. We pulled the kiddos out of school early because of Kens work schedule. Picked Ainslie up from 5th grade camp a day early. After planning this trip kinda last minute, compared to most of our trips. A week ago we started talking about it and then I asked my FaceBook friends advice on what to do in Boston...and with an overwhelming response and lots of awesome feedback, we are on our way!

With my ending my "Sheila and Ree project" and just normal life going on I didn't even start packing until last night and was up till one AM doing laundry and farting around. We didn't do too bad as far as forgettin far we realized we forgot:

Noahs bathing suit

my bathing suit

Noahs phone charger

Cece's toothbrush

Ken 's coat

I am sure there is more...but I needed a new suit anyway. Although bathing suit shopping is worse than a root canal in my book, so I might be dangling my feet in the pool on this vacation!

We starved the kids...not on purpose..but by the time we decided to stop for lunch we were in Flint, Mi. Not really the capitol of "good eats" We did however find a nice lady that directed us to a restaurant next to the court house. The Baliwick Bar and Grill-serving breakfast all day. This makes my family very happy.

Right next door to this pub was a place called Halo Burger "seven days with out a halo burger makes one weak", is what their sign said...the kids thought this was a riot.

From there we forged onward to the border of Canada. We had a bit of a back up at the border, but after handing over our passports and drivers licences we were good to go. The roads were smooth the weather was beautiful...we stopped for a couple snacks and kept on goin...cause we HAD to see Niagara!

We made it there about 5pm. Parked for 14 dollars and took a walk along the falls on the Canadian side. The weather was perfect, sunny and high 50's. There was a double rainbow over the falls.

I don't see a pot O gold, but I guess the pot of gold is the gift of Gods beauty.
My pictures don't do this rainbow justice. Thank you God for your promises, and this rainbow.
We completely avoided all the commercial hub-ub around the falls by avoiding the town of Niagra all together. The kids did get a peak at the Hershey store, but we couldn't find parking, that was like the nasty parents that we are we kept going.

On to Buffulo land of the hot wings. Here we were in search of the orginators of the Buffalo Hot Wing. We found it at the Anchor Bar original home of the Hot Wings!

YOUWZA we were mighty hungry!

What a fun place.........going...





I DO NOT leave home with out these babies!

After our belly's where full, we decided to be thrifty and got on priceline plugged in $50 and ended up at the sleeze bag motel Buffalo. UGH! The Adams Mark Hotel downtown. Note to self:AVOID at all costs! Why do we try to cheap out on hotels, it neve has worked for us.

So after a HORRENDOUS night sleep we saught out a DinerDrivin's and Dives and had ourselves some good home cookin. At the Lake Effect Diner.

to be cont.