Thursday, May 6, 2010

Heading Home....last stop Cleveland

Because we spent more time in Connecticut and Rhode Island looking around than we had planned we needed to put the pedal to the metal on Tuesday to make it to our last Diners Drivin's and Dives destination.

The day was long and rainy and pretty uneventful. We stopped in Bloomsburg PA. Took a walk and had some lunch at a burrito place not worth mentioning. Bluck!

We were saving our appetites for Geraci's anyway. We had seen in several times on Triple D and couldn't wait! It did not disappoint. We had a small wait but it was very worth it.

Ainslie ordered the spaghetti and meatballs, with Geracis house made red sauce. I was hardly fast enough to get a picture of it before she scarfed it down.

OOOhh lala the hand tossed pizza with house made peperoni's. TO DIE FOR!

And the clincher was the dough balls, completely smothered in sugar. Perfect end to our eating journey.

We found ourselves a Embassy Suites on Rock Island Dr in the Cleveland area to lay our heads down one more night before the final stretch home on Wednesday.

It was a great trip. Worthy of doing again!