Monday, June 29, 2009

Albuquerque-Wed 24th

Today we head to the Sandia Mt. tram. We could see the Sandia Mountains from our cabin. The tram is the longest in the world it climbs 10,000+ft to the top of Sandia Mt. From up there we could see 7% of New Mexico. The kids loved it. I was reminded of my fear of heights and my over active imagination, as we swayed up to the top and then the kids ran all around at the top just inches from tumbling over. Not really, there where railings, but what if one gave out. Aaahh! New Mexico has active volcanoes! We could see them from up there too. Ainslie just about lost her camera, but luckily a friendly soul turned it in to the ticket agent. She left it on top of the penny press while she was pressing a penny for a souvenir.
From there we when to Sophias Place for lunch- another Diners Drive'n and Dives. It was a dive but it was our favorite place. Everything was homemade and perfectly spicy. No where back Check Spellinghome can you get food like Sophias Place! Later at the Pueblo Museum a native, told us, ooo yes that is the best place all the locals eat there.
We visited the Pueblo Cultural Museum in Albuquerque. Very informative and worth while. All over you see signs for this Pueblo and that Pueblo. What is a Pueblo? Its the Indian word for village. So we found out Pueblos are separate Indian villages with different governments, etc. Ainslie, Luke, and Cece picked out souvenirs at the museum store for themselves and friends. From the museum we headed to old town Albuquerque to have a look around and try and find the Candy Lady. It was very hot and old town Albuquerque looks alot like old town Santa Fe, only not as good. So we beelined for the Candy and headed back to the pool to cool off.
New Mexico is called the "land of enchantment" and between he amazing scenery at every turn and the most vibrant rainbows I have ever seen it lives up to its name.