Friday, June 5, 2009

Old Faithful/Yellowstone

Old Faithful took sooo long to start. Some ol guy told us once it blew that it would blow for 90 minutes, he was waay off, it only blew for about a minute. But when it did blow I got a lot of good pictures. In Yellowstone, we played a trick on people where we stopped and pretended to look at something, and tried to see if they would stop too, but they didnt. Because we were on a really fast road and no one cared. - Ainslie

This morning we went on banana bikes for 30 minutes, then we went to the paint pots and old faithful. I thought the paint pots were cool, because they would bubble up and stuff and do big bubbles. Then we came home and went to the pool. -Luke

We went to see old faithful, we went into a gift shop, and waited for it to explode. And I got and arrow head from the gift shop. We walked around around the geysers and then we sat on a bench and waited for it to explode. First one piece of water came out then it went down and then bigger pieces of water came out, then the water started to go down in a water fall down the rocks. If you touched it you would burn your hand. Every year a kid goes on the geysers and they get burned, so you dont want to do that. I just wanted my teachers to know that. And the kid that went on the geyser in the picture on the sign looked like Luke. And the rocks had got burned, it looked like blood from a buffalo. -Cece