Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bryce Canyon, Utah

Hello, no we didn't fall into a canyon. We did fall into a space on earth with bad internet connection. We did find a yummy breakfast spot on our way out of Moab. If anyone was wondering. The Moab Diner. Huge cinnamon rolls and yummy homemade stuff. I got the green chili omelet yummy,cheesy, spicy goodness! Then we did some souvenir shopping and headed out of Moab around noon, we decided to skip Canyonlands Nat'l Park and headed toward Bryce Canyon. The scenery was awesome all the way to Bryce.
We stayed in the at Cannonville/Bryce KOA it was great. We have had great luck with these camping cabins. Once we got there we did a campfire supper, hot dogs and hobo pies, and of course smores. As you can see from the picture Kenny is quite organized when it comes to smore assembly!

Wednesday we headed to Bryce Canyon. The buzz we had heard about Bryce Canyon was right on. Everywhere you looked it was beautiful. It was more confined to to specific areas than Arches had been. You did not want to wander far off the path here. Cause the the bottom was a long way down. You could if you wanted schedule special hikes down into the canyon. We stopped at a hike called the Mossy Cave on the way back to our campsite, right off Scenic byway 12. It was the best it went along a fast rock bottomed stream and ended up at a beautiful water fall if you went one way and if you went the other you ended up at... you guessed it a mossy cave. The waterfall was much prettier. The kids loved this hike! After another campsite dinner we went to the Kodachrome State Park to try and catch the sunset. It was so worth the drive, once again the landscape was so different from what we had seen already, and it was only 10miles from where we were. it was like walking on Jupiter or a red moonscape or something. The sunset was spectacular, but the kids thought we missed it, it was a bit different than watching a sunset over the big Lake.
Two of the movies we have watched in the car, that have been the constant source of jokes and dialogue are Nacho Libre and the other is a comedian called Tim Hawkins/bananas comedy tour.
We also decided yesterday to make our own songs up to different things that had happened along the way and call it the Bryce Canyon Follies (since that's was where we were when the creative juices started to flow). For example we met a French family so we had a whole song with a french accent and we said we would dress like mimes and the Eiffel tower would be our back drop. Then someone said to Cece "hey Cec you haven't made up a song, what song would you sing" okay her song would be "My mommy is so mean to meeeee, she doesn't let me have pop in my wwaater bottle........." NICE! Us mommies are always taking the raw end.

Today, Thursday we headed to Page, Arizona. Checked into a hotel today. Yeah clean showers no more dirty feet! Tomorrow we will, weather permitting, rent a speed boat and go out on Lake Powell for the day. There are hundreds of houseboats here, which we originally thought we might do, but decided to just do a day trip instead. Lake Powell has 200 miles of shores, or should I say rocky cliffs, no sandy beaches for us tomorrow.
Love you guys!