Sunday, June 14, 2009

Scottsdale, AZ

We rolled into town like the Clampets. The boys were totally freaking out at all the automobiles that we were passing in our dusty rig with a car topper on it. Maserati's, Begettis, Bentley's, Mercedes, BMW, and the list goes on..... They were pointing and screeching and in parking lots circling cars to the point that a valet had to ask Luke if he could help him. "no jus lookin"

Well our room here at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort is amazazing! Is really more like a house. Two huge bedrooms three bathrooms. butlers pantry big dining room and living room with a fireplace. Pool with in steps of our front door. We are not in a KOA anymore toto. In fact it is going to be hard going back to a KOA after stayin here. Our good friends dad works here and he gave us very generously his family discount!!! So we arrived at the Plaza and our bell hop helped us unload our junk. Poor guys I told him be careful its packed full, he must not have understood cause he pulled the back of the Suburban open and all or dirty laundry went crashing at his feet. OOopsies. Yes the Clampets have arrived.... so then our room didnt have a washer and dryer, spose people who pay the normal 1700 bones a night for this pad dont do laundry normally I guess. So I called up to the front desk and a very friendly gal said they would be glad to do our laundry for us, but there are no facilities to do it ourselves on site. Well, I thanked her, but told her it might be best if i found a laundromat close by. Silence (on the other end of the phone)...okay, but we would be happy to help you just let us know. Well yeh Scottsdale doesnt really have a laundromat in it you see. So we drove to somewhere Phoenix and found a very nice, clean place to do our laundry, the Soapy Sudz laundromat. it wasnt in the best part of town, but we got it done. Gotta love Ken, I actually left him there while I took the kids and found a bookstore. True servant qualities my husband has.

Okay now for the food update......we did go to Salsa Brava in Flagstaff yesterday. Its right on old route 66. They had a salsa bar, AWESOME! It was very good, would have to eat there regularly if we had one in town. Then today after going to the LifeChurch.Tv Phoenix campus for church we went to one of our fave place in Phoenix, Chino Bandido. Mexican/Chinese combo. We decided that we would eat here once a week if we could. The give you these awesome huge cookies after your meal, snicker doodle or volcano(chocolate).

So now we are heading to the pool and then we will visit Pete and the kids later, Julie is working, so we will have to see her tomorrow. Then we will visit a old Grandville friend of Kens, the Bradfords tomorrow night. And I think, that is a good reason to go to Sprinkles and buy the most awesome cupcakes and bring them as a good will offering for bringing my rugrats to there home.