Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pool Day

Food Report: we started out our day going to Chompies, I would call it yummies if I owned it but Oh well. It was awesome. The kids meals were huge. They had tons of benedict choices and pancake choices. There bagels were really good too. Thanks for the tip Bradfords!

Then we went and restocked our book supply at the mall. And I opted to do my own pedicure so I got me some new nail polish. And Ainslie insisted on going back to Aeropostle to get a sweatshirt she had to have. (97 and sunny and now we are buying sweatshirts????)

Once back to the hotel we went right to the pool and played and swam. When it got too hot the kids watched Escape to Witch Mt 2, and I escaped to Trader Joes :) to buy some 5buck chuck and some greek yogurt and snacks for our friends.

Pete and Julie and the little boys and Tory and Sophie came to visit us tonight. We had the pool to ourselves so we ordered dinner and ate out by the pool and let the kids swim. It was awesome to just hang out and get to catch up. Also for our kids to finally get to meet each other. Julie's (Finkler) kids are beautiful and so nice. Cece had a grand time bossing the little boys around and the girls were like the three musketeers. Noah and Luke sorta stayed on the outskirts of the action. Well we have had a great time here in Phoenix area. Got to see some good friends, eat some great food, and get rejuvenated for the 2nd half of our adventure.

Tomorrow its on to California. San Diego, Lego Land, Helena, Jordan and Wendy. Hoping for some good eats too. I actually should walk to California I've been eating so much.

p.s. stacy if you read this give jack a big ol scratch behind the ears from us, we are starting to go through jack withdrawel :(