Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lake Powell/Page Arizona

Page is a place you need to spend longer than parts of three days. Note to self longer stay in Page. Court Yard by Marriot nice, roomy, great pool, free coffee, warm cookies, not super friendly at front desk-but so what..
We ate at great places. The Dam Bar andGrill(because of the Glen Canyon dam that is here damming up the Colorado River to make Lake Powell and give electricy to 1/2 of Arizona) it had great burgers and stuff. Then for breakfast we ate at the Frontier Grill- breakfast all day- very authentic southwest breakfast, we were the only white man in the place, yummyummy! Last night we ate at Fiesta Mexicana, also top pick, it could edge out Little Mexico on our list of fave mexican restraurants! But today I already have our lunch spot picked out in Flagstaff its called Salsa Brava, to be continued. I think i will come back from this trip speaking spanish and wearing an extra couple lbs.
Okay on with the activities. I will hand it over to Noah.
after breakfast we headed over to the lk to rent a boat. it took forever but finally we hualed all our stuff onto the speed boat we got and were off. one thing you have to know about lk powel is that its like a huge canyon maze of water and that the maps they give you, which suck, dont help at all. so the first hour we spent just looking for a way into the canyon (navojo) we wanted to see. after a while we just gave up and went tubing for a little bit, and had some snacks. cece is a mad tuber. i was on there with her and my dad is whipin us around and doin dunuts really fast and cece is just stickin on that tube like a frog laughing like crazy. half way through the time we spent on the boat we found navojo canyon. it was pretty cool. the walls to it are really high and boats are always flyin through there so there were huge waves. some of the time i entertained myself by throwing grapes at the passing boats. at the end of the canyon we got out and swam a little. then we made our way back to the docks were we had to fill the gas tank up, which was surprisingly fun. huge carp hang out around the area where you fill up your boat, and these fish are stupid. they swam right up to the surface, tons of them and you could literally pick them out of the water. of course we lured more of them to come to our boat by throwin chips and stuff in the water which you can imagine is why they hang around boats gasin up. and thats how our day on the lake went.