Sunday, June 7, 2009

Salt Lake City

Today is Sunday. We are missing our Church back home. It is our second week missing physically going to church. Today we will watch on our computer once everyone wakes up.

So........yesterday we had one of our longer drives from West Yellowstone to Salt Lake City, 5hours. Hey if any of you are in the city of West Yellowstone, and I know some of you will be, you have got to go to Wild West Pizza for dinner or Petes Pizza and Pasta, and you MUST go to Running Bear Pancake House. It was some of the best breakfast we have had ever! Or maybe we were just starving, no I do think it was some of the best.

We were in Salt Lake City by 1 ish checked into our hotel downtown, and then walked the city, went to Temple Square and to a great out door mall. Maybe we gave Noah too much info about the Morman church, who knows, but the kid was totally freeeeeaaked out. He did not want to be anywhere near the church and he definetly did not want to go inside, which you cant anyway. So we quickly walked through the visitors center and got out of there, because our son was feeling weird.....It is a city worth the stop, its very clean. Good place to stretch your legs.

My MAJOR dissapointment waaaaaaaaaas this I have looked up all these foodie places to go and this one I found was called the Red Iguana, the Diners Drivins andDives -foodnetwork show went there etc etc anyway I have been thinking about it, talking about it, salavating in my sleep over eating at this mexican place and we got there and there were soo many people and it was so small, my very hungry family was not willing to wait. WAAAAH WAAAH! Bummer for me! I would have waited half the night to have one of those margaritas and some home made mole and of course a huge tub-o guac. My foodie friends (you know who you are) are tracking with me. This was so disappointing... life is rough isnt it??

Okay I will stop whining about my missed taco.. Now I am singing the song "oo oo its raining again...." cause thats what its doing. We have had rain nearly every day. Today our plan was to go to the Great Salt Lake and swim and see if we could really float easier because of how salty it is. But we just went and filled little bottles and go the heck back in our car because it was 50 and raining. From there we drove on to Park City, Utah home of the 2002 winter olympics. We stopped at the olympic training center and watched the australian ski team practice jumping, they ski down the kill and land in a huge swimming pool. Which you too can do for $200 bones!!!! Of course Noah wanted to do it sooo bad, poor kid, life stinks! Back to foodie mode we ate at a great place called Red Rock, Yummy!

If you ever get a chance to drive highway 6 from Provo Utah south to Moab, it is a must see drive, awe struck, cant describe pictures wont do it justice kinda drive. And Moab seems like a cute litte tourist town.

Sorry for the long entry-hope I didnt bore ya. Hope you are all well.