Tuesday, June 16, 2009

the Bradfords

We have been having a wonderful time in Scottsdale. Last night we were able to visit Pete and the kids for a bit. The girls got to see the horses and the kids played with Bo and Jack and jumped on the tramp. The boys seemed bigger just since we saw them in March.

Today we went out for breakfast at the Breakfast Club, the Real Food back home is better. (Sorry B-Club) Then Ainslie had a fierce need to go shopping, so we went to the Fashion Square mall and wandered around. Then back for a quick dip in the pool for dad and the kids, while I sought out a post office to send home 2 boxes of books padded with the hats and mittens and jeans we hopefully will no longer need on this trip!

Oh yeah, we stopped in to Sprinkles and purchased a dozen splendid cupcakes to bring as a treat to Bill and Kathy Bradfords home. We had amazing appetizers and dinner with the Bradfords. In Ainslies words "this is what I have been looking forward to... a home cooked meal" (maybe this eating out thing is getting old for my Sissa) It was great for me to finally get to know this family that Ken had told me so much about. The kids had fun playing ping pong swimming and then retreating to the movie room for the Wii. I think Luke didn't realize how much he missed the Wii. I think he actually had forgotten about it, to tell you the truth. The cupcakes were good, but what made them really good was the company they were shared with! It was great catching up, talking about vacation adventures and books that need to be read and family. Thanks for a great evening.

P.S. i have been trying to coax Kenny into writing , but he has not caught the bug. keep your hopes up Demetria