Monday, June 22, 2009

Route 66

We got a late start today. We headed east on hwy 40/old route 66. We drove through the Mojave desert. We saw many trains and stopped at a Mr Dz roadside Diner for lunch. They had the best root beer that they make themselves even Oprah has stopped there and had a root beer! We stopped and took a quick walk in Needles it was 102. We needed to stretch our legs. Today turned our basically to be a road day. It was one of those days we had to give up some things we wanted to see to make some headway, because we need be in Sante Fe by Monday night. So we decided to bypass the Grand Canyon. We have seen so many canyons and amazing landscapes already in Utah, we decided that we would come back sometime to AZ and do a trip to the Grand Canyon later. It was a little disappointing. But how much can one family see.....:D
We landed in Flagstaff in time to take a nice long walk in the downtown area and have a pizza pie and celebrate Fathers Day! Flagstaff is also worthy of a longer stay than just one night. We will put that one on the list too.

Speaking of lists there were a couple of things I noticed about Californians. They still have old fashioned phone booths all over. (maybe for superman)They also have in every single bathroom no matter the size or cleanliness of it those toilet seat cover things. And the people in California know how to have a picnic.