Monday, June 8, 2009

Moab/Arches National Park

I was singing that song by Rich Mullins today in my head all day...."our God is an awesome God...." Cause this earth that he gave to us, whether it is broken and full of awful stuff or not, is quite amazing, spectacular and down right beautiful. I can't imagine what heaven could be like, okay now I am singing that song "I can only imagine.....". Sorry, I'm singing today, it was sunny and 75! Yipee! We went to Arches National Park, just north of Moab. We hiked out to see many of the arches and stopped along the way to have pbj and tried to drink plenty of water, it is sooo dry here, its inconcievable if you are from Michigan how dry it could possibley be in a place. Ken and I loved the park so much we said maybe we need to come back w/out kids sometime. (dont tell them that) Tomorrow we are going to try and take in a little bit of Canyonlands National Park, from what I have read it is harder to see in a day, so we will do what we can and move on to Bryce Canyon National Park. From what we hear that is the most amazing of all the parks in Utah. After what we saw today I find that hard to believe, but am looking forward to it. We will stay in a KOA cabin there too. We have done mostly cabins at KOA campgrounds and it has worked out great. The kids are reading and playing games and not sitting in front of the boob tube like the nights we have stayed in a hotel.
Okay so now if you didnt know it before this you know it now. ILOVE2EAT. So I will give you my foodie update. In Moab we ate at Eddie McStiffs(a little bit of everything, and lots of orginally homemade goodies) and then we ate at Jays Pasta, it was really good italian. I think Luke must be growing he is eating like a man, he ate a whole small pizza tonight! Maybe he will come home a little taller. Tomorrow we are on the look out for some good ol southwestern breakfast. So if any of you have been here and have a suggestion please email us.