Sunday, June 21, 2009


We headed north from San Diego toward LA along the coast. We stopped at the Sugar Shack for breakfast, per recommendation of Jordan. It was really good. They had some of the best cinnamon rolls. And then next door was Pedros Taco, which Jordan also recommended so I had to double dip and walk next door after breakfast, mind you, and partake in a fish taco, just one which everyone had to have a bite of so I really didn't eat breakfast and then lunch in the same hour with out help.

From there we went to Dana Point. At Dana Point we parked and dodged pelican poo. Pelicans and other large creatures were sitting in the trees in the parking lot. It literally looked like someone was dumping dixie cups of white paint here and there. We got out of the car and had the kids run for the side walk.

We also chose to do our life walk at Dana Point. Thanks to so many of you that helped me raise money for the Pregnancy Resource Center. We prayed for the PRC and then set out down the beach. It was a great place to celebrate life and to give thanks to God for his awesome grace that washes over us each day. Walking next to the ocean brought so many thoughts to mind from Gods word. Gen 1:2 God first created the seas. And then when he says to the Samaritan woman at the well that He is the living water, and then later tells Peter to throw in his nets- to be fishers of men. I was very blessed to be able to walk and reflect and pray for such an inspiring organization, and to watch my kids run and splash in the waves. God is good, all the time.