Sunday, June 21, 2009


June 2o was a day of much, much eating, much bird poop, and much driving/sight seeing.

After our walk for life. We drove up through LA. First we decided to seek out an Ikea. Luke and Ken had a craving for swedeish meatballs. I think Ken had a craving for a meal that didnt break the bank. So we found an Ikea. It was bigger than the one in Chicago. It was a good stop to have dinner and walk around a bit and of course make a few small purchases. We ate our fill for $18. Gotta love those swedish meatballs. And Ikea coffee is the best!
We decided to search out "the" sign. The HOLLYWOOD sign. The traffic wasn't bad so we headed right up the middle of LA. WoWza. I guess I always think of LA as in the beach I never really think of the big city. The highway systems there the way they twist and wind and crisscross and at times are 10 lanes wide are a sight to behold. We found the sign without too much difficulty. Thanks to Gabby. (our garmin navigation system- that we named Gabby or "the GAbster) Then we decided to head and take a look at the Rose Bowl. Ken had never seen it so we got out of the car and took pictures then drove around Pasadena a little bit. Pasadena is a very very nice area. Its on our list of places we would like to go back and spend more time in. From Pasadena we decided to head east and find a hotel for the night. Well Gabby got us lost twice, you really do have to look at a good ol map sometimes! But in the middle of one of our circle tours we found a yummy yogurt place. Which Ainslie said was an answer to her prayers. We ended up in Hesperia CA almost to Barstow. We are officially heading homeward now.