Monday, June 1, 2009

Mount Rushmore

Can any one of you remember back to your changing table days when your mother would lay you on the changing table after your diapy had been changed, you looked all content so she would leave you there and then you would start to cry cause that pad you where laying on was thin and hard and the plastic would make you sweat...... Need I say more. I had flash back in the middle of the night that I was a giant baby laying on a changing table, and when I woke up Ainslie was saying mom mom, I gotta go to the bathroom, and in my half asleep stupor I couldn't figure out how to get off the changing table. Okay enough grumbling about the beds here at the KOA.
You will have to be patient with the lack of pictures. I forgot my camera cord thingy that I plug into the computer. So as soon as we get to a Best Buy hopefully I will be up and running with that. I will try and put some video on today, see how that grabs ya. We got to see Mt Rushmore this morning. Cece was the first to see it. She hollered I SEE A HEAD and Noah came back with YOU DID NOT but sure enough she had. As we rounded the bend there is was in all its granite glory. George, Thomas, Theodore (or as Cece says Tezzy Rosevelt), and Abraham. We got there early and ate the monument breakfast(which we recommend you do, its pretty reasonable and yummy and the view from the cafeteria is amazing) in the visitors center then we took the 1/2 mile step filled walk up to it. There were rangers along the way giving facts and stories or you could buy a head set for $5, we listened to the rangers.
Now we are waiting out a storm in our cabin after a lunch of pbj and sweet chili Doritos's and pop. The foodie in me is not being satisfied here in the Black Hills. After the storm clears we are going to take a scenic drive around Custer not Custard-mmm that sounds good- State Park and then see what Custer the town has to offer.
A drive in the rain this afternoon took us on Needles Hwy. It was well worth the drive, many hair pin turns and lots of oohs and aaah. It seemed at every turn there was a view even more amazing than the next and this in the rain, I can only imagine how cool it must be with a little sunshine. Custer is just a town nothing special we headed back to Hill City where I finally got a decent meal. Mexican!! Rico's very authentic, no frills kinda place but we filled our bellies and headed back to the KOA for mini golf in the rain and 3 loads of laundry at 2bucks a pop, but heh the lady before me got the dryer stuck so I got my cloths dried for free. Now don't think i am a dryer stealer, cause she told the management and they just shrugged their shoulders........