Friday, June 19, 2009


Yesterday we headed north to Mission Beach, San Diego where the Alves sister met us. Helena, Christina and Brenda. They met us for lunch and we had a great time visiting. Then we or I should say the kids and Helena and Christina did some of the rides at Belmont Park. It is a very old amusement park right on the beach. Noah and Cece got the most out of the rides, we mostly watched. Then we took a long walk up the beach walk. The weather was perfect. It was some good people watching let me tell you, and house gawking. From Mission Beach we headed up to Old Town San Diego, there they had some fun shops and a recreated "old town". We ate there again....... and had alot of laughs with the girls. Noah got a breakfast burrito (for dinner) that was the size of a small child. So Ken thought he was real funny and acted like we was doing cpr on the thing and then the jokes went on and on. We must have been tired, because we got alot of mileage out of the dumb breakfast burrito.

Today we did LEGOland. Luke was in his glory. Noah was very patient. It was really aimed more toward younger kids so it really didnt live up to Noahs love for extreme roller coasters. But Cece and Luke had a great time. And the older two didn't complain. It was really worth the money to get in there just to see all the Lego sculptures. They have whole towns, New York City, Las Vegas, DC-complete with the Obama inauguration scene. Luke said that the city scapes were his fave part. One stupid thing we did was wait to do our souvenir shopping at the end. Its was madness- what were we thinking....!

We met Kens sister Wendy and our niece Jordan in Carlsbad for dinner. We didn't get to see Jord surf :( but it was fun to hang out and hear about their cross country adventure and what they have been up too.

Tonight i barricaded Cece in her bunk bed, cause last night when I got up at 4am to go pee pee I stumbled over Cece on the floor of our cabin. Just a sleepin away face smashed right on the icky wood floor. oooooooooh myyyy how long had she been there. Of course I couldn't get back to sleep thinking of all the germs and possible bug encounters she had laying on the floor. So now it its off to sleep and in the morning we will pack up and head north east. We are homeward now. Wow time has gone fast. We are missing home made food. And our dog Jack. And our own toilet. Among some other things. But really not ready to come home quite yet.