Tuesday, June 2, 2009


today we left the hill city koa and started to make our way to our next destination in montana. the 1st stop of the day was in deadwood, about 1hr from koa. deadwood is an old town on the western side of s. dakota (the town where wild bill hickok was shot). there is a lot of history behind it including shootouts, tunnels, and "cowboys". 1st we took a bus tour through the town that was narrorated, it was pretty good as far as bus tours go. for lunch after that our guide recomended the midnight star, kevin costners restuarant. it was really good. on the walls were all costumes and signs of the movies he had been in. the restuarant was on top of a cosino. there are a lot of casinos in deadwood, thats pretty much how they make most of their $. from deadwood we drove to devils tower and took a hike around the base of it. it was realy cool and a good way to stretch our legs. when leaving devils tower we noticed a little rodent things running across a field full of mounds of soil with holes on the top. we then noticed another one and another, they were all over the place. right up next to the road they were nibbling the grass so we got to put the windows down and see them up close, they didnt even run away like we've noticed animals in michigan do. and that was our 1st incounter with prairie dogs. when we got back on the road we saw a ton of dear and also these cool antelope things. we are staying the night in buffalo wyoming. tommorow we will make it to jolliet montana.