Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cliff Dwellers

Packing up and heading out. Bernillio KOA was not our favorite. They locked the bathrooms. And everything shut down at dusk. Whats dusk?? Oh well, this is our last cabin until family camp. So I will let it go and think happy thoughts. Like no more peeing in a cup at night cause I am too afraid to walk to the potty. So my happy thought is a nice clean potty in my room :D
One more Diners Drive ins and Dives. My poor family. "please could we just have Wendy's" So we went to the Telecote Cafe. No toast. Noah was miffed. But despite no toast they had the best baked goods ever. And very spicy green and red chili sauce all over everything! I think Luke and I are gonna go through spice withdrawal when we get out of the SW.
From there we drove North of Santa Fe to Puye Indian Cliff Dweller Reservation. We made a hefty donation to the Puye Pueblo and went on our tour. It was very interesting and even Cece stayed entertained mostly looking around on the ground for bits of broken pottery. Our tour guide was a bit blah, but she was smiling. Luckily we had a few people on our tour that knew more than her so we got lots of good tid bits of information about how the cliff dwellers lived.
Now its eastward. On and on we go where we stop only Ken knows. We thought we would stop in Amarillo but we ended up finding a hotel just outside of OK City. We blew right threw Texas. The pan handle of Texas is NOTHING. We did stop at the Cadillac graveyard. Which is awesome. We got to do some vandalizing! Yeah,so anyway besides some cool land formations and lava flow on our way out of New Mexico, we saw nothing for hundreds of miles. We did stop at an old route 66 diner some where in Texas. And we saw Kens Ice cream shop and Deans Restaurant right next to each other. Apparently Ken and Dean(vredevoogd) had a thing goin on route 66 in another life!